Signal Intelligence

Signal intelligence Platform


• 2x 5-Element High/Low Band DF Antenna
• 20MHz – 6GHz Frequency Range
• 2x 100MHz Continuous, Real-time Stare
• 100MHz DF Bandwidth, 128 Narrowband DDCs
• Processing Wideband Signals and Direction Finding
• SSD Buffer for up to 30 minutes of Wideband I/Q
• Real-time and Buffered Visualization of RF Environment
• Wideband, Parallel Automatic Detection & Handoff
• Wideband • Narrowband Recording & Playback
• System-wide audio and I&Q Distribution
• Electronic Mapping & offline Geospatial Information System
• Mission Planning and Management Tools
• Direction Finding Polar & Scatter Plots

Following the needs, vehicle-mounted and fixed-site SPECTRA systems, is a ‘Team-transportable DF system’. SPECTRA GO is a fully featured DF system that enables users to conduct dismounted EW operations.

SPECTRA GO utilizes the new CA7852 dual-channel receiver, with improved sensitivity and SWAP. New 5-element DF antenna offers direction finding from 20MHz to 6GHz. Also, novel antenna/receiver mounting offers enhanced physical stability and performance improvements.

Product Classification Detail
Frequency Band High•Low band DF covering 20MHz – 6GHz
Weight 12kg
Frequency band 20MHz – 6GHz
Receiver DF bandwidth 100MHz
Power Consumption 80W
SSD buffer Upto 30 minutes
Wideband I/Q record(option)
Processor Power Consumption 500W
Weight 20kg
Form Pelicase (IP67)