Signal Intelligence

Signal Intelligence Platform

Signal intelligence Platform

   The Signal Intelligence Platform is an ELINT / ES system for signal acquisition, processing and analysis implemented by two kinds of golden bat system. It is a high-performance electronic intelligence acquisition system that can process rapid frequency change, ultra-wideband, and LPI radar signals.

 •  C of Golden Bat-C stands for Compact, and is installed and operated mainly for ground / sea / vehicle. It handles signals of 0.5-18GHz frequency band up to 1000MHz instantaneous bandwidth. At the same time, the ELINT / ES system can collect, process and analyze signals in the 2-18 GHz frequency band up to 16 GHz instantaneous bandwidth.

 •   M of Golden Bat-M means Micro, which is a system that is installed mainly for unmanned / small airplanes, unmanned / small vessels, unmanned / small vehicles, and soldiers. An ES system capable of collecting, processing, and identifying emitters in the 2-18 GHz frequency band with up to 16 GHz instantaneous bandwidth.

 •   The Spectra-GO system is a direction find system for communication signals in the frequency range of 20MHz ~ 6GHz. It is designed as a mobile type and is used for vehicle mounting or mobile fixed installation.