Signal Intelligence

Signal intelligence platform

Golden Bat-S [EN-GBS]

• High sensitivity, high performance,
  medium size
• 0.5-40 GHz frequency band
• Latest wide & narrowband digital
  receiver technology
• PDW & IQ data signal recording
  and playback
• Inter and Intra-Pulse Analysis
• Emitter identification
• Library DB Management
• Emitter LOBs on the map
• Remote control operation

    A medium-sized ELINT system for signal acquisition in the 0.5 ~ 40GHz frequency band. It is a state-of-the-art system that collects, analyzes, records, identifies, manages the library DB, and displays LOB maps.

    The system has excellent performance with well-proven COTS hardware and field-proven software.

    The latest high-speed wideband and narrowband digital signal processing technology and signal analysis technology enable large capacity PDW / IQ data generation, recording and precise signal analysis, and also easily interoperate with other systems based on the network.

    The compact and modular structure makes it easy to install and maintain. It is mainly used for fixed stations on the ground and at sea.

Frequency Band 0.5 ~ 18GHz (option : 0.5 ~ 40GHz)
DF Accuracy Less than 1° RMS
IF Output Narrow band : 160MHz
Wide band : 1.8GHz
IF Bandwidth Narrow band : Max. 80MHz @ 160MHz IF Out
Wide band : Max. 1000MHz @ 1.8GHz IF Out
Inter-Pulse analysis RF modulation, Pulse modulation, Scan type
Intra-Pulse analysis PMOP, FMOP
TOA Resolution 10ns
PDW/IF Recording 48TB (RAID)
Antenna Rotation Max. 200 RPM