Signal Intelligence

Signal intelligence platform

Golden Bat-C [EN-GBC]

• Small size, High-sensitivity, Low-cost
• 0.5 ~ 18 GHz Wideband Coverage
• High-precise DF Detection
• Updated Digital Receiver
• 2-18GHz IFM Receiver
• Wide • Narrow bandwidth Process,
  IQ Record and Replay
• Inter and Intra-Pulse Analysis
• Emitter Identification
• Library DB Management
• Remote-control Operation

   A medium-sized ELINT system for signal collection in the 0.5 ~ 18㎓ frequency band. It is a state-of-the-art system with various radar signals collection, analysis, storage, identification, library DB management, and LOB map display function.

   It is mainly operated for ground / sea / vehicle because it is easy to maintain due to its compact and modular structure that can simultaneously process signals of 0.5-18GHz frequency band up to 1000MHz instantaneous bandwidth and signals of 2-18GHz frequency band up to 16GHz instantaneous bandwidth.

   This system has excellent performance with well-proven COTS hardware and field-proven software, and uses the latest high-speed wide and narrowband digital signal processing and signal analysis technology to generate and store large amounts of PDW / IQ data. Of course, it is possible to analyze signals precisely and easily interoperate with other systems based on the network.

Frequency Band 0.5 ~ 18GHz (option : 0.5 ~ 40GHz)
DF Accuracy Less than 2° RMS
IF Output Narrow band : 160MHz
Wide band : 1.8GHz or 1GHz
IF Bandwidth Narrow band : Max. 100MHz @ 160MHz IF Out
Wide band : Max. 1000MHz @ 1.8GHz IF Out
Inter-Pulse analysis RF modulation, Pulse modulation, Scan type
Intra-Pulse analysis PMOP, FMOP
TOA Resolution 10ns
IFM Received Frequency Range 2 –18 GHz
Instantaneous Bandwidth 16 GHz
Frequency Resolution 1 MHz
Minimum Pulse-width(PW) 50 ns,100 ns [Selectable]
PDW/IF Recording 48TB (RAID)
Antenna Rotation Max. 200 RPM