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Signal intelligence and situational awareness platform technology leader

We are doing our best to continuously grow and develop high-speed digital signal processing, precision signal analysis and situational awareness core technologies to provide customers with the necessary products and solutions based on signal intelligence and situational awareness platform technology.

Golden Bat System contributes to the core of supporting field to improve the performance of electronic warfare with ELINT / ES that collects, processes and analyzes radio signals and pulse signals in 0.5-40 GHz, 0.5-18 GHz and 2-18 GHz frequency bands.

Situational Awareness System is a product designed to prepare for the uncertain new threats of the present age due to high industrial development. It is an air threat including human harmful gas, explosive gas, fine dust and air quality, and threat substances such as CWA, TICs and radioactivity. We look forward to protecting your precious life and assets with a system that detects, analyzes and alerts you in real time.

In addition, the company is actively engaged in the drone surveillance business to detect and neutralize drone threats and Bio field as air sterilizer and thermometer

In order to survive in the rapidly changing environment of the 4th industrial technology market, we plan to apply big data and AI technology to our signal intelligence and situational awareness platform in a Beyond Thinking attitude.

Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of our customers and partners.

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