the intelligent Situational Awareness Platform

iSAS Platform

iSAS Platform

iSAS stands for Intelligent Situational Awareness System.

    iSAS-Air is capable of real-time detection, analysis and alarm on air threats including harmful gases, explosive gases, fine dust and air quality. iSAS-NC is a chemical warfare agent (CWA) (Toxic Industrial Chemical, TIC) and radiation threats can be detected in real time. In addition, ISAS collects real-time detected data, recognizes and propagates threats early, and responds quickly to protect people's lives and assets. iSAS can be used for drones, ships, submarines, vehicles, and evacuation facilities. It is also used to protect people by being used in border areas, telegraph poles and important buildings, industrial complexes and underground facilities.

• iSAS-Air: Air threat detection and analysis system for harmful gases, explosive gases, fine dust, and air quality

• iSAS-NC: Detection and analysis system for war chemicals (CWA), industrial toxic substances (TIC), and radiation threats

• iSAS-A&NC: Integrated system of iSAS-Air and iSAS-NC