the intelligent Situational Awareness Platform

iSAS Platform


• Detect 10 substances of chemical warfare agents
 (CWA) such as nerve, bleed and blood agents
• Detect 25 substances of toxic industrial chemicals
 (TIC) such as chlorine, ammonia and arsine
• HAVC Interconnection
• Alarm function
• Check site iSAS-NC information (smartphone)
• GPS, Wifi, LTE and Ethernet communication
• Single and multiple operation
• Network Flexibility and Scalability
• 24/7 non-disruptive operation

   iSAS-NC is an intelligent NBC threat situational awareness system for 10 chemical warfare agents(CWA) including nerve, blister and blood agents, 25 toxic industrial agents (TIC) including chlorine, fluorine, ammonia and arsine as well as gamma-radiation to detect and analysis of these threats in real time, so that main responders can be aware of the threat situation rapidly by using on-site alerts function as well as wired /wireless network based waring enable main responders to recognize threats at an early stage and enabling people to evacuate quickly and safely.

    The system can operate drones, ships, submarines, vehicles, and evacuation facilities, and can be used as fixed and mobile stations to protect border areas and important buildings, and can be operated both on-site and remotely through a communication network.