xl iSAS

Intelligent Situational Awareness Platform

iSAS Platform


• War Chemical Agents (CWA) and Industrial Toxic Substances (TIC)
• War Biological Agents (BWA)
• Radioactive substance
• Explosive substance
• Carbon dioxide
• CBR Detection Monitoring System
• Warning light

iSAS-NBC is located at military bases, shelters, and vessels to provide alerts and protection against threats from chemical and biological materials, and real-time monitoring and audio-visual alerts enable rapid situation response. In addition to chemicals, biological materials, and radioactive materials, explosive gases, carbon dioxide, etc. are integrated into a single equipment to provide a data interface with the central monitoring system. In addition, in the event of a threat alert, it is possible to interface with external systems such as NBC filtering system and explosion doors.

Detection capacity War Chemical Agents(CWA) Neuroactive agents, Dispersants, Blood agents of blood
War Biological Agents(BWA) Biological threats such as ricin and pox virus
Radioactive material Gamma rays, Neutron rays
Explosive gas 10 types including methane and hydrogen
Carbon dioxide
Communication method Wired LAN(Option:WIFI 2.4G & 5.8G / LTE / 5G)
Location detection GPS Module
Sampling Active method using FAN

iSAS-NBC can be used in any place where there is a threat from CB materials, such as CBC collective protection facilities, military bases, ships, and submarines.