• Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) <ㅠbr>
  • Toxic Industrial Chamicals (TICs)
  • Biological Warfare Agent (BWAs)
  • Radioactive substance(Gamma ray)
  • Radioactive substance(Neutron, Option)
  • Explosive gas(Option)
  • Waterproof
  • Wired / Wireless communication
  • GPS receiver
  • NBC Detection Monitoring System

Intelligent Situational Awareness System (iSAS-NBC)' is installed in military bases, military operation areas or air defense shelters to simultaneously detect chemicals/biological substances/radioactive substances to respond early to chemical, biological, and defense threats. It is implemented as a core technology of the 4th industry that can maximally protect people and facilities damage from the threat of CBR by disseminating threat alerts in real time (wired or wireless) to the field and advanced command posts (control centers).

Applications include installation and operation of major defense facilities of the entire military (army, sea, air), operational areas, major military bases, ships, and buildings, as well as civil defense defense facilities, airports/ports, and near the ventilation openings and entrances of important buildings such as major government offices. It is installed to protect (block) people and facilities in the building from the threat of inflow of chemicals.

War Chemical Agents(CWA) Neuroactive agents, Dispersants, Blood agents of blood
War Biological Agents(BWA) Biological threats such as ricin and pox virus
Radioactive material Gamma rays, Neutron rays
Explosive gas 10 types including methane and hydrogen
Air Quality Carbon dioxide as Optional
Communication method Wired LAN(Option:WIFI 2.4G & 5.8G / LTE / 5G)
Location detection GPS Module
Sampling Active method using FAN

iSAS-NBC can be used in any place where there is a threat from CB materials, such as CBC collective protection facilities, military bases, ships, and submarines.

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