CBRN System

CBRN materials can be faced anytime, anywhere, as well as in wars. In recent years, CBRN-related incidents and accidents have been increasing rapidly.
To protect the public from CBRN-related material incidents and terrorist activities, early detection of CBRN threats and reliable, easy-to-use equipment and technology are essential to early response teams.

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Chemical Detection

Provides highly reliable portable, drone-mounted, vehicle-mounted, ship-mounted, and building-mounted detection equipment for detection, classification and identification of CWAs (Chemical Warfare Agents) and TICs (Toxic Industrial Chemicals).

Handheld Chemical Detector

Chemical Detector for Mobile Solutions

New-gen Handheld Chemical Detector

CBRN Monitoring System

CBRN monitoring system can monitor chemicals (CWAs/TICs), biological and radioactive materials outside the ship and in the air inside and in the facility. This allows ships and facilities to take appropriate action by disseminating the awareness of the situation and the need to respond quickly in the event of an abnormality.

Fixed Chemical Detector

Bioaerosol Detector
(ENVI BioScout)

Radiation Detector

CO2 Detector

CO Detector

LEL Detector

(Data Management Equipment)

(Monitoring System SW Solution)

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