• Hazardous chemicals (6 types), explosive gases (10 types), air quality (9 types), fine-dust (4 types) detection
  • Designed for waterproof and dustproof
  • Fixed and mobile operation
  • Map Visualization by Real-time detecting Health threat by harmful pollutants in the air
  • Prompt alarm propagation (Audiable beacon and mobile phone)
  • Interconnection with third-party systems supported(HAVC, Electronic board, etc.)
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, LTE and Ethernet communication
  • Sensors can be customized in your need

Air Pollution Integrated Situation Awareness System (iSAS-Air) is installed in densely populated areas of the city, apartment playgrounds, schools or industrial complexes to respond early to the threat of air pollution, air pollutants / air pollutants / combustibles / dust substances. It is an integrated system that can simultaneously detect threats to the field and advanced command posts (control centers) on the map in real time (wired or wireless) to maximize the protection of people and facilities from the threat of air pollution. It was implemented as a core technology of the industry. The purpose is to provide the best alarm system by providing additional analysis and response instructions through dedicated operating software.

Applications include installation and operation of major facilities and ships of the entire military, as well as civil defense facilities, airports/ports, major government offices, subways, schools, underground and industrial complexes of large buildings, etc. Protection (blocking)

detectable substances Air pollutants (9 types), specific air pollutants (4 types), combustible gases (10 types), dust (3 types), temperature, humidity
Communication method Ethernet, wifi (2.4G/5.8G), LTE, 5G
Location detection GPS module
Sampling Active method using FAN
On-site alarm Audio-visual on-site alarm through warning lights of equipment
Central alarm Provides audio-visual alarms through warning lights linked to the central server. Checks alarm contents through monitoring software
SMS notification Sending alarm messages via SMS notification to managers and operators.
Sending status information message to the person in charge of each management area.
External interface Interworking with external systems such as air conditioning systems
Size and weight 396mm (width) X 192mm (length) X 609.5mm (height, including warning lights), about 14kg

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