4D Drone Detecting AESA Radar

  • ELENT/ES Functions
  • 2 ~ 18 GHz IFM receiver
  • Big data, AI technology applied
  • Inter-Pulse analysis
  • PDW signal processing and storage
  • Target information library DB management
  • Identification of emitter target information
  • Display Map of Emitter targets
  • Small-sized manned and unmanned aircraft applied
  • Remote-control Operation

Micro Goldenbat system is capable of detecting, analyzing and identifying signals by processing 2-18 GHz frequency band and 16 GHz instantaneous bandwidth.

The system is so small that it can be handheld or interoperable with small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), either standalone or networked, and can be operated as an intelligent sensor array for shoreline surveillance. It can be used for personal service such as special forces, unmanned / small planes, unmanned / small awards, and unmanned / small vehicles.

Frequency Band 2 - 18GHz
Instantaneous Bandwidth 16GHz
Frequency Resolution 1MHz
Frequency Precision ≤ 4MHz RMS
Dynamic Range 65dB (-65, +5 dBm)
PW Precision ≤ 50ns
Amp. Precision ≤ 3dB RMSs
DF Precision ≤ 7.5° rms
Sensor Size 41 x 26 x 7.5 cm
Sensor Weight Less than 8kg

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