Golden Bat-C [EN-GBC]

• ELENT/ES Functions
• Low-cost and Modularized implements
• 0.5-18GHz high-performance goldenbat receiver.
• High sensitivity rotating antenna used for direction finding
• I/Q signal processing and storage
• PDW signal processing and storage
• Analysis of Inter and Intra-Pulse
• Radar Target identification
• Target information library DB management
• Target information map
• Remote-control Operation

The compact golden bat system is a high-sensitivity, high-performance ELINT system for collecting electro-magnetic signals. It has real-time collection, processing, and analysis of various radar signals in the frequency band of 0.5 to 18GHz, and has map visualization and DB management functions for threat emitters.

The system consists of proven COTS hardware and Pulsepro K on/off line signal analysis software which is well-proven in field operation, and provides low cost, mobility, and excellent operability, and can be easily used by anyone.

Wide/Narrowband IF signal recording, PDW data generation and storage, signal analysis are processed by one high-performance server. And the modular structure is compact, so that system installation, movement, and maintenance are convenient.

The application field can be operated as an electronic intelligence system for fixed, mobile and ships in the army, navy, and air forces.

Frequency Band 0.5 ~ 18GHz (option : 0.5 ~ 40GHz)
DF Accuracy Less than 2° RMS
IF Output Narrow band : 160MHz
Wide band : 1.8GHz
IF Bandwidth Narrow band : Max. 80MHz @ 160MHz IF Out
Wide band : Max. 1000MHz @ 1.8GHz IF Out
Inter-Pulse analysis RF modulation, Pulse modulation, Scan type
Intra-Pulse analysis PMOP, FMOP
TOA Resolution 10ns
IFM Received Frequency Range 2 –18 GHz
Instantaneous Bandwidth 16 GHz
Frequency Resolution 1 MHz
Minimum Pulse-width(PW) 50 ns,100 ns [Selectable]
PDW/IF Recording 48TB (RAID)
Antenna Rotation Max. 200 RPM
Operation System Windows 10

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