• Advanced Pulse Signal Analysis Solution

Advanced Pulse Signal Analysis Solution Advanced Pulse Signal Analysis System (for Ground) [EN-3DEAS-G]

Advanced Pulse Signal Analysis System (for Ground) [EN-3DEAS-G]


The system collects the IF and PDW signals in real time in conjunction with the ground-based ES system and analyzes the pulse signal in 2D / 3D. And it is a system that can store and manage the analyzed result pulse signal in DB.

Main Function

Inter-Pulse (PDW signal) analysis: pulse parameters, PRI modulation type, scan type, threat identification, etc.

Graphical display of various parameters

Recording and storing 160MHz, 1GHz IF signal

Can store results in DB and manage DB, produce Emitter library, and analysis statistically

Provides the GUI-based operation

System performance

Device Specification
IF/PDW Gateway Interface with ES system, saves the collected IF/PDW data in the device.

PDW data collection : Collects PDW data by interface with ES system, saves to Precision Analysis server

IF data collection : Collects analog IF data (wideband/narrowband) by Interface with ES system, saves them to IF storage device

Precision pulse signal
Analyzer Device

Sorting and analysis of pulse parameter per emitter by de-interleaving

Analysis of parameters per emitter such as radio frequency, angle of arrival, pulse width, pulse amplitude   and PRI modulation type, Scan type

Analyzable PRI modulation Type : Fixed, Jitter(Random, Pseudorandom), Dwell & Switch, Linear Sliding(Up/Down),   Non Linear Sliding(Up/Down), Stagger, Wobble, Sine

Analyzable Scan type : fixed, circular, sector, conical

Identification of threat emitters with the emitter library

Various Graph display(2D, 2MG, 2H, 3G)

DB Server

Management Signal intelligence DB : Create, Search, Delete, Edit function

Statistical analysis, histogram, creating identification library

IF Storage device

Storing and Playing back IF 160MHz, 1GHz

Storing IF bandwidth : 40, 20, 10, 5, 2㎒@160 MHz IF, 200, 100㎒@1GHz IF

Operating Monitor GUI-based operation of server and device