Smart Air Sterilizer(EnviAir)

  • Powerful virus sterilization through UVC tunnel
  • Plasma tech based Bi-Polar ion generator sterilizes viruses with a large amount of negative/positive ions
  • Reduce TVOC, carbon dioxide, fine dust and formaldehyde harmful substances
  • Automatic equipment operation with PIR sensor and own AQS sensor
  • Fine dust, TVOC, carbon dioxide, temperature/humidity indication
  • Plasma, UVC and FAN equipment operation indication
  • Perfect absorption of near ultraviolet rays and no ozone, harmless to human body
  • Communication ETH interlocking
  • Remote monitoring of equipment health status

   The Health threat of SARS-COV-2(COVID-19) that we have been facing on now becomes the national disaster worldwide from our home to our society.

In order to ensure that you can spend a comfortable time in a safe space from COVID 19 Pandemics, we have launched ENVI-AIR, which is different from other usual air purifiers.

Unlike the other usual air sterilizers, EEnviAir inhales contaminated air and a number of UVC (deep ultraviolet rays) with a wavelength range of 100 to 280 nm inside primarily sterilizes viruses and bacteria. This device inhales contaminated air with viruses, decomposes and sterilizes virus and bacteria proteins with multiple UV-Cs with a wavelength of 250 to 280 nm inside the device, and removes positive and negative ions from the outside through multiple Bi-Polar generators.

To remove hydrogen (H) by causing a chemical reaction between viruses and bacteria in place. The Bi-Polar device decomposes viruses and bacteria, removes TVOC, and provides a powerful sterilization function that deodorizes, effectively improving indoor air quality quickly.

The application field is a plasma-type indoor air sterilization device optimized for easy operation by anyone installed in indoor spaces such as elevators, offices, conference rooms, academies, restaurants, and indoor sports facilities.

Purpose Air Sterilizer(indoor)
Power 12V,0.6A
Power Consumption 7.2W
Control Board Memory RAM 325KB, Flash 1MB
Product Size(W x H x D mm) 235x360x89.4
Weight(Kg) Approximately 1.5Kg
Bi-Polar ionizer DC12V, <2mA, ion concentration (pcs/cm3): Anion 27 million / Cation 18 million Residual ozone concentration: <0.05ppm
Color Grey, Black(Optional)
display 4.7” TFT LCD
Air quality sensor Temperature, humidity, CO2, PM2.5, TVOC, CH2O (PM10 option);
Motion Sensor PIR
UV-C LED 260nm ~ 270nm,100mA
Air volume(m3/h) Approximately 46

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