Smart Air Sterilizer(EnviAir)

  • UV-C LED light and plasma technology-based Bi-Polar ion generator for powerful sterilization, deodorization, and removal of airborne particles
  • Provides real-time air quality information of ultrafine dust, TVOC, CO2, CH2O, temperature/humidity on its own LCD
  • Ensure 24/7 operation through automatic analysis of air quality and motion sensor
  • Air quality information and equipment operation status information can be monitored remotely
  • FAN operation possible in 5 steps up to 4,000RPM
  • The equipment body can be used as it is and only the cover can be replaced (Gray, Rose gold, Black)
  • 24/7/365 non-stop operation

The smart air sterilizer “EnviAir” inlets in polluted air from the lower part of the equipment, passes through the UV-C light inside, decomposes and sterilizes the proteins of viruses and airborne bacteria, and outlets the purified air to the upper part.

The upper part of the equipment is a Bi-Polar ion generator of plasma technology, which rapidly spreads a large amount of positive (+) and negative (-) ions to the surroundings with strong wind, so that It causes a chemical reaction with bacteria to seize hydrogen (H) and cause kills.

EnviAir sterilizes indoor air viruses, removes volatile organic chemicals (TVOC) and purifies polluted indoor air quickly and effectively with deodorizing action, making the space where the equipment is installed so that people can always live safely.

In addition, the air quality information of temperature/humidity, ultrafine dust, TVOC, carbon dioxide, and formaldehyde can be checked directly on the LCD screen in the space installed with the air quality sensor of the equipment itself, so people can trust the equipment more.

When EnviAir is turned on, air convection occurs continuously, and after a certain period of time, the indoor space is kept completely virus-free. From this point on, the equipment automatically analyzes air quality and motion sensor information and operates in a sequence, enabling continuous operation 365 days a year.

The air quality and equipment status information of the place where the equipment is installed is automatically monitored by a remote server with IoT-based technology, and a message transmission from the server to the equipment (optional) is also possible.

Purpose / Model Air Sterilizer(indoor) / EnviAir
UV-C Wavelength 260nm ~ 270nm
Ion Concentration Positive ion : 2.4 billion, Negative ion : 3.2 billion (PCS/㎤)
Air quality sensor Temperature, Humidity, CO2, PM2.5, TVOC, CH2O
Motion Sensor PIR(Passive Infrared Sensor)
Display 5" TFT LCD
Intake air capacity Max. 51㎥/h
Color Gray, Rose gold, Black
Fan speed 4,000 rpm
Power 12V, 0.8A
Power Consumption 9.6W
Weight Approx. 2.3kg
Size (WxHxD mm) 235 x 360 x 89
Memory RAM 325KB, Flash 1MB

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