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Non-contact thermometer(Enter Access)

• Unmanned automatic heat detection (non-contact)
• Stable accuracy by applying temperature compensation algorithm
• High accuracy (±0.2℃)
• Fast measurement speed (0.1 sec)
• TOF high-precision distance sensor

Non-Contact Thermometer(Enter Access) is a non-contact type heating meter that measures the heat status of a visitor's hand or forehead with high accuracy and fast measurement speed, and notifies an alarm as a progress when an abnormal temperature occurs.

Accuracy ±0.2℃
Alarm Warning light
Measuring distance 1~5cm
Measurement waiting time Lasts 1 week
Accessories for installation Bracket, Hex screw
Measurement temperature range 35℃~42℃
Ambient temperature 16℃~35℃
Speaker 2030 8R Box speaker
Response time 0.1s
Power connector Circular connector
Input DC5V ~ DC38V
Operable place Indoor, Outdoor
Measurement temperature type Living thing, Object
Size 12x15x36mm
Screen 4-digit display

Schools, Hospitals, Government offices, Banks, Sports centers, Bus/Subway/Terminals, Companies/Cafes/Restaurants, Public facilities/Construction sites, Shopping malls/Large buildings, etc.