Bio Products

Bio Products

AI Thermal Camera (Dlight Pro)

• Fever personnel Tracking management (Recording storage and playback)
• Unmanned automatic fever detection
• Visible light + thermal image dual camera
• Simultaneous measurement of multiple people (30 people)
• Warning light sounds when fever is detected
• High accuracy (±0.3℃)
• Resolution : 256 x 192
• Viewing angle : H 35˚, V 27˚

Ai Thermal camera(Dlight PRO) is a system that measures heat by using infrared and optical cameras. It is installed at the entrance of public places to quickly measure the body temperature of several people at the same time, non-contact measurement, high measurement accuracy, and informs an alaram with warning light when an abnormal temperature occurs.

Resolution 1920x1080
Thermal image Resolution 256x192
Measuring distance Up to 5Km
Measuring temperature 35℃~38℃
Measuring Accuracy ±0.3℃
NETD ≤60mk(@25˚,F#=1.0)
Wavelength range 8~12um
Pixel interval 12um
Field of view 35˚x27˚(HxV)
Alarm function 1CH I/O terminal
OS Windows 10
Stroage Computer HD
Number of simultaneous measurements Up to 30 people
Power DC12V 2A

Schools, Hospitals, Government offices, Banks, Sports centers, Bus/Subway/Terminals, Companies/Cafes/Restaurants, Public facilities/Construction sites, Shopping malls/Large buildings, etc.