• COVID19 virus detection/analysis in the Air
  • Able to operate with HVAC systems or standalone units
  • Visual and audible automatic detection alarm
  • Can be used indoors (Working temperature range : 5-45℃)
  • Utilizing certified 802.11a/b/g/n/ac for notification connection
  • 200W and 80-264VAC Power source
  • Detecting live-viruses level is 0.005ng
  • ESAFE certification of CSA standard
  • SPE-1000 certification of UL standard

  BioCloud is a real-time analysis device designed to detect pathogens in the air. It is designed to operate as a “safe space technology” that promotes air circulation, monitors air quality, and continuously samples pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The BioCloud Analytical Unit combines an independent SARS–CoV-2 sensing chamber with an advanced air sampling process. Air sampling systems take in and analyze air.

The sample passes through a detection chamber that uses both virus colliders and chemical processes to capture viral particles and identify SARS-CoV-2 viruses with a laser sensor. When a virus of concern is detected, an alarm system is activated through the cloud or local intranet.

Each BioCloud is a standalone analysis device that does not require additional testing or sample movement in the analysis room. The unique virus detection chamber and cartridge can be replaced as needed, and after a virus detection event. BioCloud can be installed and operated mainly in lecture rooms, conference rooms, nursing homes, hospitals, public transportation, offices, rest rooms, and necessary facilities where a large number of people enter and exit

It is installed in educational facilities, medical facilities, nursing facilities, large restaurants and cafes, religious facilities, corporate offices and conference rooms, military facilities, government and local government facilities, multi-use facilities, factories, etc., so that COVID-19 can be monitored in real time.

Space scale Wall height Detection time
93㎡ 3m 6min
140㎡ 3m 8min
185㎡ 3m 11min
230㎡ 3m 15min
Space scale Wireless communication O (Integrated 802.11 A/B/G/N/AC)
Bluetooth O
Smart alarm function O
Alarm type Email, text message
Protocol Modbus, CANBUS, BACnet, serial, Profibus
Display & Design Air quality measurement and indication O
Virus analysis display O
Numerical display O
24-hour operation system O
Power Input power Universal input 90 - 240V AC 50/60Hz 230VA
Power connection Standard wall plug, or optional hardwire terminal
Approval of use Radio waves ESAFE : CSA, UL, CE Standard, KC certification
Air intake Target standard (appropriate range) 40 ~ 96㎥
Air intake (suitable range) 4 to 12 L/min (liters per minute)
Standard Color White/silver
Standard 354.64mm (W) x 400.00mm (L) X 203.26 (D)
Weight 15Kg

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