Drone-Surveillance Platform

Drone-Surveillance Platform

Drone surveillance platform

It refers to a system that detects, analyzes, identifies, and neutralizes drones to protect against drone threats.

As the number of drones increases, the importance of privacy, safety and security for companies, governments and individuals is increasing, and they are exposed to threats such as attacks on major facilities of drones, smuggling, aircraft crashes, and illegal surveillance.

Therefore, we supply S-Band 3D AESA radar, frequency scanner system and drone tracking camera system as a perfect solution for surveillance and defense against drone attacks.

ㆍ S-Band 4D AESA Radar : The S-band 4D AESA radar is the latest SDR technology 4D radar designed to detect and track small, slow-moving targets.

ㆍ Frequency Scanner System : The hight-spped scanning method not only exhibits spectrum but also enables drone identification Map-based direction of multiple drones with a possible frequency scanner system, Frequency and identification ID are displayed at the same time.

ㆍ Drone Tracking Camera System : Long Range High Performance EO+IR+LRF Integrated Tracking Camera System to detect, recognize, identify, track, and measure the distance of a drone day and night.