Drone-Surveillance Platform

Drone-Surveillance Platform

S-Band 4D AESA Radar [EN-S108A/S116A/S132A]

• All-Digital Active Electronically Scanned Array(AESA) antenna, GaN amplifiers
• Element-level Digital Adaptive Beam Forming, Multibeam Scanning
• ECCM(Electronic Counter Countermeasures), EMCON(Emission Control)
• UAV intrusion warning for restricted area
• Capable of tracking RCS 0.01㎡ drones in complex environments
• Hemispheric surveillance when three radars are deployed as a system
• Track-While-Scan of more than 128 tragets
• Open architecture for camera, ADS-B. AIS etc. integration.
• High reliabiliy with built-in test functions for ease of maintenance.

The S-band 4D AESA radar is the latest SDR technology 4D radar designed to detect and track small, slow-moving targets. Compared to the traditional rotating system, the fixed station operation ensures the detection and tracking of very small targets and can be operated in all weather conditions in all seasons.

State-of-the-art lightweight and folding design technologies / Delivers superior detection performance through memory-intensive design paradigms and orthogonal linear element-level digital array configurations.

Lightweight and small transportation size for quick reaction and requires only one trained operator with quick setup time.

Innovative, high-level design technology provides optimal drone monitoring and tracking performance at an optimal cost.

Signal processing is an array digital signal processing technology, and radar signal processing is applied with lateral waveform suppression, CFAR, pulse & sweep integration, and technology. Clutter suppression algorithms also applied the Doppler adaptive processing technology, the 3D positioning algorithm to the joint azimuth estimation technology, and the integrated tracker hardware to the signal processor.

Model EN-S108A EN-S116A EN-S132A
Radar Frequency S-Band, 2.9 - 3.1Ghz
Max. Signal Bandwidth 50MHz
Foldable YES YES Project Based
Peak Radiated Power (Watt) 80 160 320
Max. Power Consumption (Watt) 250 400 700
Single Radar Azimuth Coverage 120˚(max)
Azimuth Tracking Errors 0.8˚ 0.4˚
Tracking Update Rate 1Hz 1Hz 1Hz
Min. Range Resolution <5m
Single Radar Elevation Coverage 120˚(max)
Min. Range 100m
AESA Weight (without pedestal) 10kg 12kg 20kg
a x b x c x d x e (cm)
47.3 x 27 x 4 x 11 x 42 94.6 x 27 x 4 x 11 x 42 174.6 x 27 x 11 x 82
b x f x g (cm)
27 x 47.3 x 15 27 x 47.3 x 19 27 x 87.3 x 19
Max. Target Velocity 100m/s , Programmable
Velocity Resolution 1m/s, Programmable
MTBF >30,000 hours
Water Rating IP 67
Max. Detection Range (0.03㎡) 120˚ 3.2km 5.4km 9.1km
Max. Detection Range (0.01㎥) 2.4km 4.1km 6.9km
Max. Detection Range (0.03㎡) 90˚ 3.3km 5.6km 9.4km
Max. Detection Range (0.01㎥) 2.5km 4.3km 7.2km
*10 sec volumetric search time