4D Drone Detecting AESA Radar

  • All-digital Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) antenna, GaN amplifiers
  • Element-level Digital Adaptive Beam Forming, Multibeam Scanning
  • All-Digital Radar Signal Processing
  • Electronic Counter Countermeasures (ECCM), Emission Control (EMCON)
  • UAV intrusion warning for restricted area
  • Capable of tracking RCS 0.01m 2 drones in complex environments
  • Track and Search of more than 128 targets
  • Open architecture for camera, ADS-B, AIS etc. integration

EN-S116A is an S-Band 4D AESA radar with the latest SDR technology designed to detect and track small slow-moving targets. Compared to the conventional antenna rotation method, fixed operation ensures detection and tracking of ultra-small targets and allows operation in all-season weather conditions.

State-of-the-art lightweight and foldable antenna geometry design technology / memory-intensive design paradigms and orthogonal linear element-level digital array antenna configurations provide superior detection performance. It's small and light, so only one person can move the radar easily, and it can be installed on site within 10 minutes to operate quickly.

Innovative high-level design technology provides optimal performance for drone monitoring and tracking.

The signal processing format is digital array signal processing technology, and radar signal processing is applied with subclave waveform suppression, CFAR, pulse & swipe integration, and technology. We also applied a clutter suppression algorithm (Doppler adaptive processing technique), a 3D positioning algorithm (joint azimuth-high angle estimation technique), and an integrated tracker (Kalman filtering tracker) to the signal processor.

Model EN-S116A
General Radar Frequency S-band, 2.9 - 3.1GHz
Max. Signal Bandwidth 50MHz
Peak Radiated Power(W) 160
Max. Power Consumption(W) 200
Transmitter and Receiver Transmitter Number 16 (CMOS Digital RF Transmitter + 10W GaN PA)
Receiver Number & Type 16+8 (CMOS Digital RF Receiver + LNA)
Coverage Single Radar Azimuth/Elevation Coverage ≦120°, Programmable
Resolution Angle 0.8˚
Range <6m
Velocity 1m/s, Programmable
Minimum detection Range 100m
Signal Processing Type Array Digital Signal Processing
Radar Signal Processing Side lobe suppression
CFAR Pulse & Sweep Integration
Clutter Suppression Algorithm Doppler Adaptive Processing
Integrated Tracker Hardware Kalman Filtering Tracker
Commuications Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-T
Dimension AESA Weight (without pedestal) 14kg
Dimensions (extended)
102.6 * 29 * 6.3 * 50.1 * 14.4
Dimensions (folded)
29 * 57 * 25.7
Dust & Water Proof IP64 & IP66
Detection Range
(@10 sec volume search)
Normal azimuth coverage(120˚) 5.4km @Threat RCS 0.03㎡, 4.1km @Threat RCS 0.01㎡
Normal azimuth coverage(90˚) 5.6km @Threat RCS 0.03㎡, 4.3km @Threat RCS 0.01㎡

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