Anti-Drone Platform

Anti-drone Platform


• Day/Night Drone Detection
• Automatic/Manual Drone Tracking
• Real-time drone azimuth, elevation
  and distance
• Manual/automatic operation mode
• Interlock tracking with radar and other
  navigation devices

   Long range, high performance EO + IR + LRF all-in-one tracking camera system enables day / night drone detection, awareness, identification, tracking and distance measurement.

   High-reliability gimbals for military use and IP66 environmental protection, HD-quality image quality, 30x zoom high-sensitivity cameras, sophisticated tracking and analysis algorithms provide drone identification and distance measurement information. As a result, operators can detect drones over long distances and easily identify payloads with potential threats mounted on them.

Product Classification Specification
System coverage Azimuth : n x 360˚, elevation : +40˚~ -10˚
Max angle speed Azimuth : ≥ 30˚/s, elevation : ≥ 30˚/s
Stabilization accuracy ≤ 0.5mrad (1Ø)
IR Camera Detection range 500m (40cm x 40cm drone)
Detector Uncooled LWIR FPA
Spectrum 8μm×14μm
Pixel/Pitch 640 x 512 / 17μm×17μm
Focal length 30 – 150mm continuous zoom
FOV 4.16° x 3.33° - 20.78° x 16.63°
HD Daylight Camera Detection range 1000m (40cm x 40cm drone)
Resolution 1920 x 1080, colorful CMOS
Laser Range Finder Measurement range 20m – 1000m (40cm x 40cm drone)
Wavelength 1.55μm, Laser Class 1
Accuracy / Measurement probability 1m / 95%
Video Tracking Circuit Board Camera maximum resolution 1920 x 1080, 60fps
Minimum target recognition accuracy 3 x 3 pixel
Tracking speed ≤ 34 pixel / frame
Environmental Parameters Operation temperature -20°C - +60°C
Storage temperature -30°C - +70°C
Power Parameters Gimbal DC24V (18 – 36V), power consumption : ≤ 36W
Control box DC24V (18 – 36V), power consumption : ≤ 3W