Envinode is

A small and medium-sized venture company that leads core technologies in high-speed digital signal processing, electromagnetic wave precision analysis processing and situational awareness. It is a signal intelligence platform as a golden bat system and situational awareness platform as a “iSAS-Air / NC system and drone surveillance and Bio-related products in line with the 4th industrial technology. We are doing our best to protect national property as well as to protect the property and life of our people by developing, manufacturing and selling these product and solution.

Product Inquiry

Please contact us by e-mail at yjkim@envinode.com
The Situational Awareness Platform protects your life and property with real-time detection, analysis and rapid response to threats from airborne CWAs, TICs and explosive gases, as well as hazardous gases, pollutants, air quality and fine dust.
Signal Intelligence Platform enables real-time detection, acquisition, storage, analysis and identification of enemy radar signals. It also enhances the capability of conducting Electronic Warfare through library DB, location direction and map data display of emitters and identified threat pulse signals.